9 Passions and 9 Unique Ways to Volunteer With Them

March 7, 2013

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1.) Got a passion for animals? Volunteer at your local shelter doing the not so ordinary tasks. You can help them transport animals to the vet, set up for adoption days or just do some cleaning and filing.

2.) Like working with children? There are great organizations that have major volunteer programs, but how about volunteering at the children’s museum or helping out with community events? Playing with kids and being a kid yourself sounds like a great way to give back.

3.) I am a tree hugger through and through. If you’re a green freak like me then why not plant some more of them. Volunteer with the Arbor Day foundation.

4.) Have your grandparents played a major role in your life? Do you have an elderly neighbor who has shaped who you are? Then why not give some of your time back to the elderly in your community? Stop by your local nursing home and ask about volunteer opportunities. They are always looking for more people. Bonus to everyone involved if you can spend even more time around the holidays.

5.) Literacy is a major stepping stone to a successful life. Help bridge the gap in your community by volunteering at local reading centers or clubs that get children interested in reading. Your excitement will excite them. The best thing you can do is show that you care.

6.) So fitness and health are both things you highly value. Why not share that with others? I know the First Lady has been working on it for a few years now. You could also volunteer at local events like track & field days at schools.

7.) I truly believe education is the answer to the world’s problems, but we all need to do our part. If education is your passion you can offer your time to after school programs or become a tutor. If you have time during the day join up with a local school to become an in-the-classroom helper.

8.) Are you painfully aware of those less fortunate than you who are struggling? If social issues like poverty way heavy on your heart then lend a hand. I studied how poverty can manifest in my local community and learned a new way to volunteer. Many shelters are filled with children and families right now. Volunteer a few hours of your time to giving devoted attention to those kids.

9.) Are music and the arts what you truly love? Share that love by supporting a local event in your community. Help to plan the event or be a volunteer while it’s happening. If you have a gift for teaching offer inexpensive or better yet free lessons to local children.

These are just a few ideas of ways to get involved. In a short amount of time I found a ton of opportunities through Googling each passion. The key is to choose one and get started. Have fun and good luck!

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